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We offer both quality improvement programs and performance enhancing training modules designed to produce the highest results in warehouse logistical management in the areas of building and retaining the best of human capital. The goals are to effectively lower costs to drive the increase in service levels with the ultimate goal of increased sales.

Contact us today FOR a FREE 4 Hour Basic Assessment of your business/facility.

This Assessment includes:

  • A thorough, non-invasive, visual examination of your business/distribution/manufacturing floor—includes individual departments, work-centers, operations and manufacturing floors, and office areas.
  • A human capital assessment to determine interactive skills, teamwork and productivity levels.
  • Analysis of the shop floor (if applicable) and workflow methodologies.
  • A review of Safety Policies and Procedures to determine how safe your operations really is.

Upon completion of the FREE No Obligation 4 hour Assessment, a comprehensive Business Health Report is provided for your review. You then have the opportunity to proceed with WCBBI’s Broad-Gauge Analysis and/or a selection of quality improvement programs and performance enhancing training modules.

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Comprehensive Department Analysis

Comprehensive Department Analysis

The in-depth Comprehensive Department Analysis delves into each individual area of mutual concern. Typical areas of concern include:
  • Customer Service Practices—We examine your customer service practices including employee interaction with customers. In a World-Class environment, a quality customer service program is essential.

  • Basic Time Studies—If you are struggling with meeting commitments and order deadlines, we will conduct basic time studies and identify potential bottlenecks and constraints. The elimination of extensive overtime hours can provide numerous benefits, and eliminate excessive drain on operational dollars.

  • Safety Policies and Procedures—We provide a detailed analysis of your safety policies and procedures. If you are struggling with excessive equipment and asset damage, this is a priority during our visit.

  • Communication Channels—We analyze the operational effectiveness of your communication channels. Effective and powerful communications and the way information is accumulated and disseminated is key to getting projects completed on time.

  • Alterations and adjustments—Implement alterations and adjustments to maximize individual and team performance. The goal is to maximize efficiencies, remove bottlenecks and constraints, improve current safety standards, address outstanding housekeeping issues, and realign employee manpower when necessary.

Upon completion of this analysis, you will receive a updated Business Operations Health Report. You then have the opportunity to proceed with the Top 5 Performance Enhancing Training Modules, or choose from  a ombination of 5 selections from the Quality Improvement Programs and/or the Performance Enhancement Training Modules.

Top 5 Performance Enhancement Training Modules

Top 5 Performance Enhancement Training Modules

With this package the client receives all of the benefits of WCBBI's Free 4 Hour Analysis plus our Top Five Quality Improvement Programs:
  1. Building Managerial Teams with the Right Stuff.

  2. Bottlenecks & Roadblocks—The Mechanics of Material Flow

  3. Regulate Safety with an Accessible Safety Procedures Manual

  4. Efficient Inventory Movement = Excellence in Customer Relations—Optimize square footage & manpower, and ensure equipment operational up-time.

  5. Maintainence & Implementation of Charts, Reports, Permits, Recognition and Awards Programs & World-Class Use of Designated Warehouse Management System.

Upon completion of the Top 5 Performance Enhancement Training Modules, you receive an updated comprehensive Business Operations Health Report.You then have the opportunity to proceed with an a la carte selection from the Quality Improvement Programs and/or the Performance Enhancment Training modules based on your company's areas of concerns.

Quality Improvement Programs

Quality Improvement Programs

Based on areas of concern you may choose any single or combination of programs or training as your company needs. The duration of each program is typically 1 to 7 days. The cost for each session includes materials, manuals, and reference guides.

  • Administrative & Maintenance Teams--Teambuilding exercises

  • Build a World-Class Environment for the Future

  • Desk Instructions—Why They're So Important

  • Developing an Efficient and Productive Team for Any Department

  • Effective Employee/Management Communications

  • Effectively Reduce Excessive Overtime

  • Understand Lean Technologies and Methodologies

Upon completion of the commitment, the client will receive an updated comprehensive Business Operations Health Report.

Workplace Enhancement Training Modules

Workplace Enhancement Training Modules

The duration of each module is typically 1 to 7 days. The cost for each session includes materials, manuals, and reference guides.

  • Boost Employee Morale—What Programs to Use and How
  • Computer &  Radio Frequency (RF) Training, Including Scanner Devices
  • Customer Satisfaction Training
  • Effective & Measurable Employee Recognition Programs—The Why and How
  • Equip & Retain Employees for the Long Haul
  • Powerful Policies and Procedures—Content Development & Maintenance Training
  • Safety & Equipment Operations Training and Certification
  • Start, Maintain & Manage an Effective 'Measured Mile' program training
  • Tracking and Maintaining Progress—The Why & How


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