'The level of success in your business operation is based directly on the quality of your efficiencies. A highly efficient operation equates into a highly successful operation.'

'A World-Class business operation is a world apart from the others.'


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Welcome to World-Class Business Builders International.

A World-Class Facility
'We are passionate, focused, and driven to give you the world-class business you so richly deserve'.

      By taking the time to review our website, you have made an important decision to take total control of your operation and your business. You have finally come to the conclusion to give what your valued customers deserve - a glimpse at world-class perfection. Your clients, your customers, and even your employee base will be so impressed with your operation, they will make it a point to come back, day after day, year after year, craving for more, more, more all the while.

     You are about to enter an amazing realm of business building perfection designed to reach far above a standard business operation. Our time-tested program will show you how to build a powerful, highly sustainable business model that is geared to directly impact your bottom line dollars. Your return on investment (ROI) should be maximized at all times. In a stunning, highly evolved world-class environment, your people and the operation as a whole will rapidly become your most powerful and valued assets.

     At WCBBI we have developed a world-class business improvement system that has taken more than 20 years to cultivate and perfect. We are convinced that we have developed a program that is proven to drive results while increasing productivity and performance measurements in steady, measurable increments.

     This highly evolved program is all about solving problems while providing your business operation with all the world-class operational and performance programs you'll need to succeed. In fact, we think of ourselves as 'active solution brokers'.

     As you proceed to learn more about all we can do for you, you will quickly learn that our primary focus will be on the internal infrastructure of your business. We will focus on the processes that drive your operation, the complex mechanical aspects that produce positive results.

     A few examples of this will include your employee base, the people that make it all happen. We will review the processes that drive the operation, the computers and software that guide your teams through their daily endeavors. We will hunt down those nasty bottlenecks and constraints that can effectively harness any attempt to create a smooth running and efficient operation. We will assess your safety and housekeeping policies and procedures while paying attention to all the little details. We will study each department and their operating components while assessing the teams that bring it all together. We will show you how to develop a top-tier quality customer service program and more, much more. On this website you will find a detailed list of all the tools you need to succeed, and the many benefits of each that will be offered to our highly valued customers.

     Here at WCBBI, we firmly believe that every employee must be trained to perform at their maximum. We believe an employee must have the necessary tools to complete their daily tasks while offering a well defined and easy to understand set of functional instructions. Assigned leaders, supervisors and managers must be decisive and caring, well trained, firm in their beliefs and they must be willing to lead with courage and conviction. Your employee base is by far your most valuable asset and must be treated with dignity and respect. By following this single formula alone, you can be assured that you and your business are well on the way to becoming a powerful world-class entity.

     Our team would like to congratulate you for taking the time to review our exciting and powerful programs. We are excited and pumped to serve you, your team, and your business in any way we can. Here at World-Class Business Builders International we will always be here to serve you, to provide the valued instruction you and your business so richly deserve. By giving us the opportunity to assist you, I give you my personal guarantee that we will build you a world-class powerhouse that is personalized, simplified, and maximized for performance driven results.

     Remember: 'This is the breakthrough you have been waiting for'.

     We look forward to meeting you to discuss our programs in detail and begin a journey of a lifetime, one that you'll never forget, nor regret.

Tom Stiveson - Your Management Consultant of Choice.


Praise for Unlock Your World-Class Potential - Playbook Strategies For Operations Excellence

"Dare Your Mighty Thing" - Admiral Richard H. Truly

     "Our space program is not one World-Class operation; it is layers upon layers of World-Class operations. It is made up government professionals, astronauts, spacecraft contractors, logisticians, university researchers, policy analysts and yes, politicians who see the national worth to our society of the enormous and complex effort. Together, they make the impossible happen." 

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