Your Success Is Our Business

Your Success Is Our Business

We Will Show You How To Develop Powerful, Game Changing Quality Management Skills Find out about what World-Class Business Builders International can do for you and your business.
Unlock Your World Class Potential is a reader-friendly, step-by-step play book for people starting out in facility or logistics management or those who are in management but want to move their facility to a higher level of premier performance—world-class performance.
Take Your Business Operation To The Next Level Of Success

Take Your Business Operation To The Next Level Of Success

Let Us Evaluate Your Business Operation and Show You Where Your Greatest Opportunities for High-Growth Performance Exist.

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 Welcome to World-Class Business Builders International  

We are committed to a level of excellence
far above any standard of measurement known to man.

Clean, Safe, Organized-The World-Class WayClean, Safe, Organized-The World-Class WayOur team of trained professionals welcome you to the electrifying realm of Business Operations Excellence. Our unique and powerful business building programs are designed to take you, your business, and your dedicated team of professionals to a level of excellence far above any standard of measurement known to man.

If you have a multitude of profit consuming problems permeating your business operation, our team of professionals can provide you with the best solutions in a timely manner while paying attention to every detail.

We strive for speed and accuracy in our approach to dealing with those nagging problems infiltrating your business operation every day. We thrive on monitoring and promoting successful, self-sustaining world-class solutions.

Our # 1 goal is to work with you to develop the best business-building solutions available in the industry today. These are proven techniques designed to drive sustainability and produce profits that are sure to impress your valued customers and shareholders.

Finally, we think of ourselves as experts with over 20 years of experience in the field, and a wealth of accumulated knowledge in a multitude of industries!


What We Offer

Our Services Include But May Not Be Limited To the Following:

  • Facility / Business Operations Inspections (Audit)                            
  • World-Class Certification Programs Tailored To Accomodate Your Business Operation
  • Employee/team development
  • Communication improvement processes
  • Employee conflict resolution and ethics training

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Praise for Unlock Your World-Class Potential - Playbook Strategies For Operations Excellence

"Dare Your Mighty Thing" - Admiral Richard H. Truly

     "Our space program is not one World-Class operation; it is layers upon layers of World-Class operations. It is made up government professionals, astronauts, spacecraft contractors, logisticians, university researchers, policy analysts and yes, politicians who see the national worth to our society of the enormous and complex effort. Together, they make the impossible happen." 

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Praise for Unlock Your World Class Potential

  • Great book! Now that I have read it I am ready to launch my own “World-Class Facility.” I hope to send a copy to my son in Texas who owns his own business there and recently bought a Minuteman Press franchise in Broomfield, CO.

    Jean A., Retired Professional
  • Loved the format--with Coach Charlie’s tips, the author’s personal illustrations, and the inspiring quotations from various leaders.

    K. Toliver, Retired, Executive Assistant
  • Once again Tom has nailed it with his latest work! This is a MUST read for anyone in management or any company wanting to become world class. Tom has created a playbook with simple, executable tips and systems for companies of all sizes. Take the time to dive into the book, and you will be hooked!

    Jeremy Lambert, Director of Sales and Recruiting, Your Castle Real Estate
  • Tom Stiveson does a great job of balancing a fictional backstory and real life business coaching in this book to make it entertaining and information. I especially enjoyed Coach Charlie’s Post Game Analysis at the end of each chapter. These points were short, concise, and applicable to use in the everyday workplace. Cheers to Tom and this great Business book.

    Keli Lambert, Wholesale Inventory Analyst, Staples
  • Tom’s passion for leadership and gift of organization are evident throughout this book. Although it is a very practical resource with useful tools for business leaders, this book continually redirects leaders to their most important asset—people! Learn how to “get the most” out of your business through servant leadership and money-saving disciplines.

    Todd Scheuerman, Lead Pastor--The Ridge Community Church, Broomfield, Colorado

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